The First of May

10:30am : Young elf girl, Selene Wirewood (blonde, green eyed) comes and tells us of her missing friend – a young dwarf (male) named Karver.

He went to Monster Town to meet some girls. Went 3 times, didn’t come back the third time. Missing 2 days.

She is shocked to learn that Monster Town is not monitored by the Police.

Mac has his photo, name, and number and shares it out to the group.

(Dwarf died of heart attack while having sex, saw picture of bloated head)

Ace hears a noise, it is just his neighbor. Otto reveals he can do magic.

Bob Normal had a bomb in his briefcase.

We didn’t handle it well. Ace did though, so we didn’t get blowed up.

Info ripped from Bob’s phone.

Grey the Widow & Grey the Joker own the Siberia. Bad reputation. Something happened at the club and was hushed up.

Some people on the internet think The Siberia is a very dangerous place. Some references to an obscure threat. Talked about in a way that if you know, you know.

Last person called – Nails – Bouncer for club The Siberia

Met Ivan the giant. Traded contact info. Escorted us from Monster Town.

We could jump to the parking structure from Ace’s apartment, it’s only about 10ft



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